The complicated world of economics

Economics is a concept that has a lot of nuances. It refers to the state of a person or a company from the point of view of its purchasing power. Thus, it is often said that something or someone has a comfortable economy when they have enough capital to be able to live comfortably, without being in a hurry for money. But many times, especially from the point of view of companies, getting that better economic status implies a series of problems that the term economy does not contemplate.

For example, if a company decides to increase the working day of its workers to ten hours instead of eight, this implies that this company will have a greater productivity and therefore a better economy and greater progress. But this improvement in the company does not take into account the loss of quality of life that these two more hours represent for its employees. Its workers will have to sacrifice two hours of their free time for this better economic status, which is detrimental to their personal fulfilment.

Advantages that greater purchasing power providesMoney

is power. It is an absolute truth.

He who has adequate capital can enjoy a number of advantages that he who lacks it cannot. In this way, it is possible to acquire certain things that are a great comfort to people. For example, when you have a comfortable economy you can buy all the products you want almost without worrying about the price. This aspect provides a personal comfort that is otherwise not possible to achieve.

Enjoying these advantages in any type of product is something that only money can provide, and there are some indispensable tasks for survival that can be avoided. For example, cooking. There are companies that provide food at home. So, if you don't have the time or desire to prepare a meal for one or more days, these companies offer a wide variety of meals to meet your needs.

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economic relationsExisting

economic relations in society are given different names depending on their characteristics.

In this way it is possible to find relations of predation, symbiotic relations, necrotic relations, commensalist relations or amensalist relations. Different ways of qualifying the commercial relations that appear in society and that allow certain products to be acquired or certain services to be enjoyed that companies offer.

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