The work environment in the digital age

The introduction of the Internet into our daily lives came about quite naturally, but today we can see that it has profoundly changed our habits. Among these is our approach to the work environment, which focuses more on well-being. As the workplace is a second home, feeling good at all times is one of the new requirements.

The right workspace in a digital worldThe

democratisation of laptops has greatly changed our behaviour, whether at home, on public transport or at work. Screens can be found everywhere and are used all day long.

In order to facilitate their handling, we have become accustomed to correcting our physiological positions. However, this attitude has long-term consequences on health, but also on morale. Backache and saturation are just some of the negative effects of poor posture in front of the computer, but there is a simple solution, which consists of equipping oneself with ergonomic office furniture. And fortunately, brands, organizations and individuals are no longer hesitating to make their voices heard to highlight the importance of such equipment.

Indeed, taking care of yourself is not just something you do at the gym, on a hike or at the spa. Office chairs, such as those found on sites like, help to preserve the health of all employees. Their adjustable heights, as well as their customizable headrests, armrests or footrests, remain the most practical option in a work environment where desks are interchangeable.

The impact of digitalization on the work environment In

an era and society where broadband Internet is considered almost as much as a primary need, instantaneity is king. Everything happens at a disconcerting speed: queries, searches, orders and contracts.

Everything can be done in just a few clicks. Everyone works on several tabs at the same time, using different media at the same time, because the projects to be carried out are numerous and the possibilities are vast thanks to the interconnected networks. These new rhythms and working methods lead to greater achievements, but also to a more collaborative mentality. This can be felt in professional spaces, where open spaces and common rooms tend to become the norm, but the other side of the coin of digitalisation also hides a growing pressure.

The notifications that ring out from the various platforms cannot be ignored for long. This constant pressure, and the feeling that everything is moving faster than it is, is rapidly creating an anxiety-provoking environment, which is one of the reasons why companies are now focusing on well-being at work. Preserving the physical and mental health of employees has become a priority. Moreover, workspaces are increasingly adapting to the needs of employees, starting with furniture.

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